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Welcome to the WRPN.TV Short, Tight and Loose global film festival competition (WSTL), an online venue for shorts only (INCLUDING WEBISODES/TV SERIES!), in association with DOFIFF.COM. We have exclusive, guaranteed distributor review by Adler & Associates (est. 1999) and others AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, for our select few "Best Of Show" and "Outstanding Excellence" award winners.
Unlike other festivals, we require NO FEES OR CONTRACTS to be signed FOR THIS FREE AND EXCLUSIVE service!
WSTL, in conjunction with WRPN.TV Entertainment News, may also offer a unique opportunity to 'expose your shorts' to a world-wide community of video fans from dozens of countries that filmmakers would not normally have access to, in the form of an optional PPV opportunity. The PPV option is currently being developed, and we will keep all filmmakers informed of the progress.
We also offer access to Feedback: The one element most festivals ignore.
Instead of paying submission fees and getting nothing in return, EVERYONE who submits to WSTL will receive these benefits: Either 1): your film is already competition calibre, and gets accepted to compete, OR 2): you will receive a letter outlining exactly what it is about your film that is keeping it from being accepted.
First time filmmakers: when have you ever gotten a letter back from a festival giving you the chance to fix something and RESUBMIT FOR FREE?
Giving you the chance to make corrections to your film does 3 things:
-It gives you the chance to improve your product and make it more marketable.
-It will enhance your chances of winning/being accepted AT OTHER FESTIVALS BESIDES OURS. That's more 'Official Selection' laurels for YOU.
-It will give you forethought for your NEXT filmmaking endeavor, helping you to improve your craft (feedback letters also list the GOOD elements in your film that you should make an effort to keep). 

What Makes Us Unique: 

1. A co-founder that is an active Committee Member for the Universal Film and Festival Organization (UFFO.ORG), an international non-profit based in the U.K., founded to support/implement best business practices for film festivals
2. All Official Selections/Winners may have the opportunity to ‘expose their shorts’ exclusively on WRPN.TV entertainment news next to Hollywood celebrity interviews, on a developing PPV basis (OPTIONAL).
3.. Any film that is rejected will receive a personal letter explaining what elements caused the rejection (unlike other fests who never give any explanation at all).
4.There are also opportunities for other awards, such as Awards Of Excellence, Awards Of Merit, and SUB-CATEGORY AWARDS, such as best cinematography, original theme song, script, concept creativity/originality, direction, special effects, research, lead actor/actress, best supporting actor/actress, etc.
5. Any language accepted, either dubbed in English, or with English subtitles. No genre requirements.